Golden Age by jcbarquet

Golden Age

by jcbarquet in Digital Painting

"The Maya civilization was one of the grandest in the history of the world and the reason for its collapse is still shrouded in mystery. The ancient Maya occupied a vast geographic area in Central and South America from around 2000 BC until 1500 AD. The Mayan culture extended to parts of what is now Mexico, Honduras, and El Salvador, and most of Guatemala and Belize. During the Classical Period which lasted from the third to the ninth century, Maya civilization built awe-inspiring temples, pyramids and cities and formed a complex social and political order. The Mayan culture excelled in many different fields, and testaments of their achievements are found throughout the area." (Information source:

This is my own representation of the culture that flourished in the south east of my country: my intention was not to produce a perfectly accurate historical scene. Although there is not a city exactly like the one here, the pyramids are based on existing ones on various archeological sites. The perspective was done with a few basic 3D Sketchup models; once I had that everything was painted in Photoshop.

I did this piece as a commission. Hope you like it!

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