Speed paintings - 09.22.2011 by jbcasacop

Speed paintings - 09.22.2011

by jbcasacop in Digital Paintings

Here's another bunch of speed paintings in which I used pretty much the same techniques as I did in my paintings yesterday. I was aiming to do another four but managed to produce only three.

Again, these are exercises in which I applied the color and Gestalt theories. These are all loosely based on photographs but still, no hues nor textures were lifted from the references. I made use of the lasso tool, the brush tool, the line tool, and the shape tool. I hope you like this bunch!

My references:

Dark alley - http://fictivefunk.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/dark-alley-unattributed.jpg
Old bridge - I lost the URL again! Damn it! This is not a good habit to have! I will find the source image again and post the URL here when I do!
Volcanic burst - http://i.hexindia.net/theosin/i/2008/01/volcano-picture.jpg

Inspired by the most recent blog posts of Robh Ruppel.

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