Speed paintings - 09.21.2011 by jbcasacop

Speed paintings - 09.21.2011

by jbcasacop in Digital Paintings

This is a series of speed paintings I did during down time. The scenes depicted here are all based on photographs I gathered from Google Images.

Why I did these paintings:

My objective here was not to copy exactly what I saw in the references but rather to "re-calibrate my color perception". It's not that there was something terribly wrong with it. I just wanted to be able to paint these by images mixing and utilizing the colors that I was seeing from the reference photos. In other words, colors based on my judgement. Throughout the entire process, I imposed three rules upon myself.

1. No using of the eyedropper tool to pick hues from the source images. The objective is to force the eyes to see and to paint and draw accordingly.

2. No zooming in on the source images. No zooming in on the actual paintings until the detailing phase which is about 1/4th of the painting process. The objective is to put the Gestalt theory into practice. In other words, to see the forest for the trees through avoidance of fixation towards excessive detailing.

3. Only a maximum of 2 hours per painting is allowed.

For the first time, I painted using not only the brush tool but also the lasso tool and the line tool. I have to admit that I've never done blocking as extensively as I did here. Nor have I spent a lot of time with color mapping in my previous paintings. When I started doing this series, I felt I was a little beyond my comfort zone. But I'm pretty happy with the results. I didn't expect to complete 4 paintings in a row.


Castle on a mountain - http://roaringworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/edinburgh_castle.jpg

Misty forest - http://pixdaus.com/pics/1236519127jpRKgrg.jpg

Tidal splash - lost the URL. For some insane reason, I couldn't see it in the image search results! Will update once I retrieve the URL.

Warm lit clouds - http://www.naturfoto.cz/mraky-fotografie-6243.html

Kudos to all the photographers whose pictures I used as references here.

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