Kampilan ni Makabo by jbcasacop

Kampilan ni Makabo

by jbcasacop in Digital Paintings

At last! I've finally made my first fantasy painting for this year! This is my own interpretation of Makabo, that badass tikbalang warrior who happens to be my favorite character from the graphic novel Skyworld, created by Ian Sta. Maria and Mervin Ignacio.

Right now they have this Pin up shout out thing going on. This is the colored version of my entry.

I hope you like it!

Additional notes:

Adobe Photoshop CS5
Several custom brushes
Approximately 20 hours

Tikbalang - a supernatural creature from Philippine folklore commonly depicted as having the head of a horse and the body of a man.

Kampilan - a popular single-edged sword widely-used in the precolonial Philippine Archipelago.

If you look closely at the kampilan Makabo wields in this image, you'd notice that it's decorated with okir-based patterns and three alibata characters namely, "ma", "ka", and "bo".

Larger view here: http://jbsc.deviantart.com/#/d4mrifs

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