trollwood by jauville


by jauville in Instant Film

played around doing an emulsion lift with a super failed shot.
the lift went kinda so-so (i need to get the proper brushes for it) so i figured i could at least use the black back of the image as a texture.
i started wiping away the leftover goo from the emulsion on the back piece, and lo and behold, there was a negative of the image on there (they don't always show up).
so i rinsed it off, let it dry over night, scanned it and then began working on it in PS:
= i inverted the image from negative to positive, and played around with several adjustment tools until i realized i didn't care much for the color, so i converted it to b/w and sepia toned it.
and added a border.
boom. there you go.
failed image turned into failed emulsion lift turned into a spooky shot of a creepy forest in Sweden.

Polaroid SX-70, Impossible PX70 Cool

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