Promise_Me by janemini


by janemini in Digital Painting

I was walking her home from Cecil’s Diner on the Saturday before school started up again, a day blustery with a fierce, biting wind. A nor’easter had been blowing in since the previous morning, and while we walked, we’d had to stand close to each other to stay warm. Jamie had her arm looped through mine, and we were walking slowly, even more slowly than usual, and I could tell she wasn’t feeling well again. She hadn’t really wanted to go with me because of the weather, but I’d asked her because of my friends. It was time, I remember thinking, that they finally knew about us. The only problem, as fate would have it, was that no one else was at Cecil’s Diner. As with many coastal communities, things were quiet on the waterfront in the middle of winter.
She was quiet as we walked, and I knew that she was thinking of a way to tell me something. I didn’t expect her to start the conversation as she did.
“People think I’m strange, don’t they,” she finally said, breaking the silence.
“Who do you mean?” I asked, even though I knew the answer.
“People at school.”
“No, they don’t,” I lied.
I kissed her cheek as I squeezed her arm a little tighter to me. She winced, and I could tell that I’d hurt her somehow.
“Are you okay?” I asked, concerned.
“I’m fine,” she said, regaining her composure and keeping the subject on track. “Will you do me a favor, though?”
“Anything,” I said.
“Will you promise to tell me the truth from now on? I mean always?”
“Sure,” I said.
She stopped me suddenly and looked right at me. “Are you lying to me right now?”
“No,” I said defensively, wondering where this was going. “I promise that from now on, I’ll always tell you the truth.”
Somehow, when I said it, I knew that I’d come to regret it.
We started walking again. As we moved down the street, I glanced at her hand, which was looped through mine, and I saw a large bruise just below her ring finger. I had no idea where it had come from, since it hadn’t been there the day before. For a second I thought it might have been caused by me, but then I realized that I hadn’t even touched her there.
“People think I’m strange, don’t they?” she asked again.
My breath was coming out in little puffs.
“Yes,” I finally answered. It hurt me to say it.
“Why?” She looked almost despondent.
I thought about it. “People have different reasons,” I said vaguely, doing my best not to go any further.
“But why, exactly? Is it because of my father? Or is it because I try to be nice to people?”
I didn’t want anything to do with this.
“I suppose,” was all I could say. I felt a little queasy.
Jamie seemed disheartened, and we walked a little farther in silence.
“Do you think I’m strange, too?” she asked me.
The way she said it made me ache more than I thought it would. We were almost at her house before I stopped her and held her close to me. I kissed her, and when we pulled apart, she looked down at the ground.
I put my finger beneath her chin, lifting her head up and making her look at me again. “You’re a wonderful person, Jamie. You’re beautiful, you’re kind, you’re gentle . . . you’re everything that I’d like to be. If people don’t like you, or they think you’re strange, then that’s their problem.”
In the grayish glow of a cold winter day, I could see her lower lip begin to tremble. Mine was doing the same thing, and I suddenly realized that my heart was speeding up as well. I looked in her eyes, smiling with all the feeling I could muster, knowing that I couldn’t keep the words inside any longer.
“I love you, Jamie,” I said to her. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

sorry for the cheesy lines up there... (hey it wasn't that bad compared to... never mind ) I felt the need to paste it down here... so you can relate to my painting. A walk to remember novel has been realeased October 1999 and movie adaptation was shown in movie theater year 2002. Making some fan art of it in this day and age is kinda too late... XD well anyway I don't care. I wouldn't expect anyone could actually tell at first that this is a fan art! ehehehe... For someone else it might look like a mere study of colors and mood.

A walk To Remember never gets old. I saw the movie first, then I just recently found the book and read it! (I thought I could never get a copy of it.)I enjoyed both though some changes were made. Anyway all I can say is... Nicholas Sparks is a great novelist! I wish I could make a graphic novel of his books particularly "A Walk to Remember" If he'll permit.

Hope you'll like this as much as I do! As always comments and critiques are always welcome. And for some grammar you think might be wrong... I am truly sorry... English is not my first language. Wishing all of you a good day! Advance Merry Christmas! ^_^

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