The Ziggy Elf by isissousa

The Ziggy Elf

by isissousa in Portfolio

This is an elf portrait hugely inspired on David Bowie’s character/persona Ziggy Stardust. He used awesome costumes and always had great make up. I think bedsides Bowie’s geniality, Ziggy Stardust was so fabulous because of the vibrant, dreamy colors.

That’s what I have tried to incorporate here, with much hard work, a lot of tweaking and corrections.
All painted with Painter 12, Soft tip Airbrush and a bit of texturing with a sponge and a nervous pen.
I had reference for the face/pose from myself :) Although “The Ziggy Elf” is much more beautiful and pleasant to look!

This painting was created for IT’S ART PORTRAITURE CLASS “Paint a Fantasy Portrait”. Video coming soon!

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