A Headdress from Hordaland I by isissousa

A Headdress from Hordaland I

by isissousa in Portfolio

This headdress is part of a historical costume of a region called Hordaland in Norway. I think it looks geometrical and beautiful, and it gave me inspiration for this piece.

I had no specific reference for the face, all done from memory, but I had reference for the angles and inspiration for her costume, based on a “bunad” (official historical local costume).

The lady and anything else on her is painted from scratch, while the background is a photo manipulation + painting mixed technique.
This piece is very important to me, because it marks an improvement on my work as digital painter. From now on, I will be producing more realistic paintings, such as this one.

It will also be featured on my art book, coming soon!
Painted with Painter 12 + my old Wacom Intuos 3.

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