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Brooklyn, US

I’m a professional photographer and retoucher based in Brooklyn, NY specializing in creative and extreme imagery focusing on natural hair, with experience in all forms of photography and image editing. Eccentric, creative, and captivating are most synonymous with my concepts. I like to push the bounds of creativity within the realm of awesome. My conceptual, fashion, and beauty photography tend to have a very contrasting lighting technique while my family, lifestyle, and event photography have a very photo journalistic approach. Either way, I always aim for my images to tell a story and evoke emotions. I am most inspired by my clients; their extraordinary personalities and alter egos make my day and I love working with them to create awesome conceptual and familial identities! Whether a rebel on the outside or a superhero on the inside, I capture who my clients truly are. I love to have fun on my shoots. We smile, we laugh, we leave as friends if we weren't friends already!

Fun Facts: I love french fries, shrimp, and raw cashews. I've been a lover of the arts from day one. I am most fascinated with Photography (obviously), illustration (http://HeyKMA.com is a must see), animation, and pointillism. I will forever think comics and cartoons are cool. I will only watch tv if the show has something to do with superheros, syfy, police drama, or food. I believe we all need to live life as happy as possible. We could stress about every little negative thing, but why? We are granted a new day every 24 hours to create beautiful stories and I love being there to silently capture them…like a ninja!

Email Nay@NayMarie.com or call (877) 394-5125×1 for inquires! View my blog for more insight into my inner workings!

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