Heartcall Sanguinem. by hybridgothica

Heartcall Sanguinem.

by hybridgothica in Collaborations / Models

A Heart Beat,
To the rhythm of the feet,
Of the one soul,
Waiting for defeat.

A Lovers song,
With a tune so wrong,
Connections are Haywired,
A wait so long...

Time really flows,
As long as wind blows,
As long as the blood in your veins,
One's nature truly shows...

In the time of defeat,
Deep down in your flesh meat,
Where you are revealed,
It's always a treat.

Listen to the song of the Heartcall,
Up your spine the jitters crawl,
Sanguiem is warm and loving,
As she waits for your downfall.

In a world full of negativity, find your space, and your place.. Positivity will arise and you'll feel at home anywhere

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