Circles by hussam


by hussam in Monochrome

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  • Submitted:Apr 21st, 2012
  • Resolution:3392x2736
  • Date Created:Apr 22nd, 2012
  • Filesize:1 MB
  • Camera:E-510
  • Exposure:16/10
  • Aperture:f/6.3
  • Focal Length:29mm
  • ISO Speed:100
  • Flash Fired:Flash did not fire, auto mode
  • Software:Adobe Photoshop CS5
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  • MissGribouille


    Awesome capture !! :)

    Jul 18th, 2012 Reply
  • TerrySlater


    Amazing capture.

    Jun 12th, 2012 Reply
  • guilherme777


    may I ask you a thing?

    May 6th, 2012 Reply
    • hussam



      May 6th, 2012 Reply
    • guilherme777


      How do you change the exposure time? And I know that a long exposure makes your photo too bright so how do you balance that?

      May 6th, 2012 Reply
    • hussam


      i am not professional photographer but i will tell you what I know. you can change the exposure time (shutter speed) in manual mode or the S-mode. long exposure is good for night scene specially when you want to use low iso speed. i try many shots to find the best shutter speed. Also long exposure is nice for many scene like waterscapes and sunsets.. its also important to manage the light which enters the camera by making the aperture narrower (high f value), decrease the exposure, and decrease the iso speed. For long exposure you need also a tripod.
      You can simply set the camera to the manual mode and play with the values ... Good luck :))

      May 6th, 2012 Reply
    • guilherme777


      thank you so much, I will take your coment in consideration. Off course you are a professional photographer, I can see that on your shots. I will try that defenitely thanks once more

      May 6th, 2012 Reply
  • SuharLeonheart


    Awesome composition & exposure

    Apr 29th, 2012 Reply
  • barfischer


    My first reaction when i saw this was: WOW !!! this is phenomenal Hussam, absolutely fantastic ! I love the graphic caracter it has. Again, a master piece of you !!!!

    Apr 22nd, 2012 Reply