Regretful by hiimadel


by hiimadel in Photomanipulations

Hello talented people! How are you today? I wanna now what's up!

This artwork I did it not because I was inspired by a song or a movie no. It is something about my self. something that I did and I regret that I did it! But I read a quote that really made me a little bit happy "Never regret. If it's good, its wonderful. If its bad, its experience" Oh and did you noticed my new technique? The oil painting thingy? Haha, I was done form working on the artwork and then I said: "I gotta try something new!" so I tried the "Oil Painting" filter in the new photoshop. Do you like it? Let me know :--)

The model:
The background:
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See you in the next artwork, byeee!!

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