Green Eyes by hiimadel

Green Eyes

by hiimadel in Photomanipulations

Do you still remember me? haha
god it's been 3 weeks or more that I didn't upload anything!!

All the weeks was full of studying for the final exams and 4 days ago i've been so sick!!! Now everything's like it was,
Except this artwork, I did it yesterday and I only did it just to write something here. I didn't work hard on it just a simple touches. Listened to Coldplay's song "Green Eyes" and did that picture.
The thing that is taking the soul of thinking and working on a new idea for an artwork is my store…

Now I'm liking to thing of a new t-shirt designs and stuff like that! haha!
Speaking of which,
Check out my T-shirts, you may like one or two I don't know....
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See you in the next artwork, byeee!!

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