In the name of by hellocloud88

Exhibited at Fakie 2012 @ Tashkeel Gallery in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Acrylic + Ink on wood (Skateboard)

"In the name of..."

Inspired by social confusion on what to believe in life, I came up with this piece where it depicts the chaos of our urbanized surroundings. A place where we could go crazy on ideas or just simply be crazy. The organic composition of the elements depict the unpredictable events that can happen in our lives affecting our decisions and ideals which sets a new course or route to our future. The 3D look to the elements depict that we are still in control of what we want to be real and tangible making every events in our lives unique. Patterns however show the diversity of cultures and knowledge we've never heard of until we stepped out of our confined spaces of comfort. Diversity that can be described in many ways than one making a whole new set of story for us to tell and share for the future.

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