The Hidden Companion by hel999

The Hidden Companion

by hel999 in Fan Art

This is a portrait of my boyfriend as my favorite companion in the Mojave wasteland!! :heart
He comes with an integrated coffee-machine (press green button) because his coffee is the best.
Zoom if you want to see all the details.
Creative commons. Do not use for commercial purpose or modify. Credit is a must.

Painted in Photoshop CS3 with textures from

You'll find a version with a blank screen and without decoration in my deviantART scrapbook, for you to get creative with it! Please pay attention to my terms of use. For some Nuka caps I can also draw a cartoon face of you that you can place on the screen :D

Fallout New Vegas is (c) Bethesda Softworks. I hope they tolerate my interpretation.

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