Shadowness the Graphic Novel by happymourning

Shadowness the Graphic Novel

by happymourning in Digital Illustrations

If Shadowness were a comic book/graphic novel.

My entry for For the Win contest under the category, "Imagine Shadowness as a Product". I hope I followed the rules right. :D Still thinking if I should actually make a storyline. Been asking people on name suggestions for this character. While making this, I thought of Shadowness as a sort of guild. Kind of like LXG. Maybe you guys can help me out. :D

Whew. Took me 2 days to finish this because I kept on experimenting with... everything. Used PSCS4. This is 90% vector. Worked with patterns on this one. Damn, it's tedious to develop your own style.

Hope you like it and do vote too! :D

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