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Bandung, Indonesia

Bio bio bio..
Ummm... lets see here...
I have nothing profound or a bad ass quotes to say like most of y'all.
All I gotta say is I love art. Drawings just great *lulz. To be able to imagine something and put it down on Photoshop... is insane to me. ^^
It's awesome to be quite honest... I love it.
I draw everyday for sure. Best is when I got my music full blast (neighbors must hate me) and I'm lost in the drawing.
I do not hit the gym and enjoy hanging out to the coffee shops.
I'm pretty much into the party phase in life. I think I'm at the point where I want to get down to biz but I still know how to have fun :v
I have lots of fans and haters. Bla bla bla got lots of dramas everywhere. :v Anyways... boring boring boring *lmao lets get to drawing ya?