Scott? No, It's Cat Pilgrim! by hanabacasno

Scott? No, It's Cat Pilgrim!

by hanabacasno in 2009-2012 Old Vector Portraits and Collabs

A joint effort work with Ruel Andaya aka Rua Dos.

I was looking for an SP inspired designs before at threadless, but sadly it seemed no one has submitted yet, so i decided to create one, with the help of Rua! Wonder why Cat? Simply because i like cats! (cat, scott, s-cat, LOL!)

Not expecting that all of you will dig the idea, especially to those who haven't seen the movie yet, but Rua and I are hoping that you'd still like what we did with the execution.

Please vote to see this cat rocker printed! and comments are important to us.. so please? thank you so much.


hope you like it.. for a thousand years, LOL!

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