Digital Artist / Illustrator • Hameed


Hello everyone, some of you may know my work from DeviantART, were I have had an account now for more than a decade. (http://hameed.deviantart.com)

Needless to say I have many many years experience in both Adobe Photoshop, and 3DsMAX although lately I am focusing more and more on the latter.

As a huge fan of both hard science, and science fiction, I suppose it is inevitable that i often choose to create Space/Sci-Fi when making personal work. Although thanks to all that experience I can create pretty much anything i put my mind to.

I always enjoy a challenge, and I spend allot of time researching or experimenting new techniques, I love learning new things in general and my illustrations have led me to learn some of the most amazing things known, and that's what has kept me going for so long.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, i hope you are not disappointed.