Untouched by gingerkelly

old work from 2009, refreshed & re-uploaded. Based loosely on legends of the kirin and unicorn. I just love dense green forests all covered in moss and mystery... I live in a place like this.

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cyborgsuzystock http://cyborgsuzystock.deviantart.com/ / The-strawberry-tree http://the-strawberry-tree.deviantart.com/ / tristin-stock http://tristin-stock.deviantart.com/ / FairieGoodMother http://fairiegoodmother.deviantart.com/ / shnarfle-stock http://shnarfle-stock.deviantart.com/ / clandestine-stock http://clandestine-stock.deviantart.com/ / SheisprettyStock http://sheisprettystock.deviantart.com/

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