Untamed by gingerkelly

Digital Mixed Media Illustration, 2011

Background forest ~frozenstocks (exclusive stock) Buildings *LuneBleu-Stock ~lugubrum-stock Statues *Tigg-stock Grass, Vines & flowering plants ~The-strawberry-tree *Goblin-stock *Kiyoi-stock ~Flore-stock *kuschelirmel-stock ~SheisprettyStock =steppelandstock ~ftIsis-Stock Garden bench *Eirian-stock Peacock `Elandria (from exclusive stock at #Dreamers-of-Avalon ) Squirrel !BobTodd Well ~Raider-Stock Ferns *Sammykaye1sStamps Dragonflies =Fairiegoodmother Mouse, little bird, rabbit, frog & the edge of the pond from my own stock *Goblin-stock

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