The Shire, A Hobbit House by gingerkelly

The Shire, A Hobbit House

by gingerkelly in Inspired by Stories

My original photo manipulation work was completed back in 2009 but the aspect ratio was always difficult to layout for prints so I've updated the artwork and improved the resolution, finally!

All the stock photo info with links is on my website:

STOCK IMAGE CREDIT: Grass The-strawberry-tree Trees WolfC-Stock JLStock Garden plants Falln-Stock Mithgariel-stock Fence DawnAllynnStock Goat Fairiegoodmother Architectural elements Its-Only-Stock Drezdany-stocks Ivy marlene-stock Bridge Shoofly-Stock Door Sheiabah-Stock Pond edge LucieG-Stock sky Fune-Stock
All stock images are from & are used with permission

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