Manzanar by gailsouthworth

Public domain reference here:

Created in Illustrator CS5 using the pen tool, gradients, and feather.

I finally called it quits on this- I'm sure within a week I'll find more refining to do, but for now I think it's enough to post.

I wanted to do a piece on the Japanese internment camps after I heard the song Kenji by Fort Minor a long time ago. It's been in my head for years, and I finally think I might have accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. This is based off public domain photos taken by the U.S. government during the time where Japanese-Americans were held in these camps.

I think we can learn a lot from the mistakes of our past, and the internment camps is a prime example. I see a lot of similarities surrounding the public attitudes around people of middle eastern descent today and the public opinion of Japanese-American citizens in the WWII era. I know I'm not alone in saying I don't want to see the same mistakes repeated.

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