Under Adversity by gabriel

Under Adversity

by gabriel in 2007-2011

I remember everything during the days in Iraq. It feels like it was yesterday and I can tell you it’s not that hard to forget especially when you’ve seen a lot of action. I can remember that feeling of being watched. It’s an awful feeling and we all know that we are on their land and they know it very well than we do. We always had our eyes peeled because in a moment of a split second, once you hear that first break of silence, you start to realize just how important it is to stay focused and put all what you’ve learned in a life or death situation.

I painted this with that experience in mind. Not that typical militarized concepts I usually do but I am trying out different ideas but at the same time putting some of my experiences in there.

I don't know what the structure is. It started out as a bunch of random shapes and then shaped it a bit more by adding more details and shapes.

I am still having problems with the colors on my monitors. I have dual monitors and they both are different. One monitor is darker than the other and they are both on factory default settings. GRRRR. I am going to have to do something about this problem because I want to be accurate with my colors and contrasts.

PS. Wacom.

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