Tree of Life by gabriel

Tree of Life

by gabriel in 2007-2011

This is for the :iconbrushluvr: group theme in DA for the first half of October. The theme is “Who I am” and we are given the choice to paint something about us and give the audience and all members of brushluvr a piece of whom we are, what we like or something that inspires us.

This painting conveys a lot of feelings and emotions to me. I am a competitive gamer and have always been ever since Halo 1. I have that mind set for the win and will always have that when it comes to games. So I thought that I should have little people competing for the “Tree of life”! Hence the overall idea of this painting. Also, I was just released from confinement not too long ago and I feel like I need to step up a little and catch up with my life. I feel like I missed a lot throughout my involvement with the US Army going to confinement. I’ll reach that point in life where I’ll be happy and not struggle for once. The tree signifies my life fulfilled or just happy and I am still not there. It is not fully bloomed but the closer I am the more it blooms and becomes thicker :)

Photoshop CS5. Wacom Int4.

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