The Red Crahn by gabriel

The Red Crahn

by gabriel in Digital Painting 2012

This turned out to be more than I thought it was.

I started with the background. It was just a white "T" in front of a brownish orangey color. Then I added a red blob in the middle and Walla... it turned out to be something great.

For the face, I wanted to capture a memory that I cannot forget. It's a stare of a woman in Iraq when I toured down there in 2004. We patrolled and stationed a rundown castle like place in Tal'Afar, Iraq for a while. Up north of Iraq to be exact, near Mosul.

They didn't want us there. We all knew it. Just the look on their faces told more than a story. So yeah, I wanted to capture that face and paint that memory on the canvas.

Hope you guys enjoy.

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