Infestation by gabriel


by gabriel in 2007-2011

This turned out to be quite different than usual. This was thought to be a beautiful landscape scene of a wonderful waterfall filled with a thick forest. Then I started thinking too much, how it looked simple and how bad ass it would look if I added more meaning to the whole concept. So I figured I’d add one of my soldiers scouting the top of the waterfall. Afterward I added the bunkers (or whatever you want them to be). After that, it all just went uphill. The top of the waterfall wasn’t supposed to be infested but I as always, experimenting, put down a tad bit of pink on a multiplied layer and thought the color looked pretty well on the canvas.

So the story behind this concept is basically a recon mission. The elite soldier on the bottom right has a mission to scout the area they lost contact to. He’s to investigate and fin any clues to the disappearance of his comrades and the civilians in that area.

Done in PSCS5. 8-10 hours. Wacom Intous4.

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