Halo 4: John 117 by gabriel

Halo 4: John 117

by gabriel in Digital Painting 2012

It's really exciting to know that Halo 4 is right around the corner. I have been following the series ever since Halo Combat Evolved came out for the xbox in 2001.

I haven't been reading the books to keep up with the halo universe. Heavily augmented and trained, chief was among one of the last few spartans alive.

Thanks to "spartan-217" for the info, The last spartan III's were on onyx with 5 spartan IIs + Fireteam black team(4) + alice,douglas,jerome + chief

In Halo 3, Cortana put chief to sleep in the end so I really can't wait for the continuation of Chief's legacy. I really hope the new trilogy will live up to the hype. Crosses fingers.


If you guys don't know what the background silhouette depicts, play the first Halo game ;)

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