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London, United Kingdom

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40 years old, only discovered photography about 4 years ago. I work as an iT techie for a Swiss bank and it's very draining, the photography gets me out and about and helps me switch off the work and do something creative adding value to my life. My wife and my little one are the most precious things in the world and it's only because of their patience with my obsession that I can persue this. They tolerate me getting up at 3am on weekends and disappearing off hundreds of miles away to take pictures!

My great-great-grandfather was a landscape photographer, grandparents, even my parents were amateur photographers, it's almost genetic now! LOL!

While most my work colleagues choose to sit at home in a coma watching TV leaving nothing of worth, I hope that maybe doing this I will leave just a little something behind when I shuffle off this plane of existence.