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Carlos Barrios: „The world won’t end. It will be transformed. Everything is going to change. The changes are already accelerating now, and it’s going to continue to accelerate. If the people of the Earth manage to reach the year 2012 in good condition, without destroying too much of the Earth, they will be encouraged to a new, higher level of human being. But to be able to get there we must transform powerful forces,which make an affort to block the way, enormously. Human race will continue, but in a different way. Structure of the material will change. Due to this we will have the opportunity to be more human , full of humanity. “

Mayan calendar is distinguished from ours by being cyclical. Various periods of time have a recurring character.It was typical for the Mayan culture to still repeat those same periods, the same events, deities and their decisions. In other words this way of perceiving the world means perfect knowledge of the future .

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model: Adela Kubalova
model photo: (c) Honza Jasek

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