life after people by fraterchaos

life after people

by fraterchaos in Mandelbulbs

About the title...

I love watching the History Channel, and History2 (which used to be History International) and they have this show I love called "Life After People". The concept is to show what happens if people are not here anymore, there is nothing in the program explaining where people went, or how they disappeared, and no bodies or other scenes of death, just interesting info about what would happen to the planet if we all disappeared.

So I was messing around in MB3d and came up with this weird looking fractal, and then I stuck my "Lammoth" 3D Bryce render behind it and said to myself "looks like 'the wreckage of mankind'" and then as soon as I thought of that, I said "life after people"! and so, that's what I called it.

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