Collision by francorrea


by francorrea in Illustration

You're taking a picture of her in your head, this perfect moment of the two of you. Because you know in the future, this is gonna be the good old days. You're remembering every piece of detail in her face, her hair, her clothes and everything about her. Defying the capability of information recalling of a human being in a relatively short time. You don't want to miss any single detail of this moment. You've realize that our time was so finite and this moment will not last forever. She brings you to the nirvana and saving you from your melancholic world. You just wished the possibility for the continuum of this event, this event that makes you feel whole. ♥

This scene was from the movie Before Sunrise starring Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. I just fell in love with this scene and made a concept out of it.

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