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You will be responsible to email me with the link / links to your art, your bio and video's.<br /> <br /> What do I get for my money?<br /> <br /> Bronze Level Access will allow one image ( 300 x 300 ) with title and members name at the top of the page. Sidebar ads visible ( which are subject to change) and no SEO for page. View the Bronze Member Template page. The price for this level is only $2.00 per year.<br /> <br /> Silver Level Access will allow you to post one image at (600 x 600 ) with title and members name at the top of the page. Sidebar ads visible ( which are subject to change) and no SEO for page. View the Silver Member Template page. The price for this level is only $5.00 per year.<br /> <br /> Gold Level Access will allow you to post three image on the page. One image may be up to ( 900 px wide ) and one image that will be sized to ( 600 x 600 ) with image titles, plus one video ( sized to 640 x 360 ) and members name at the top of the page. In addition the Gold Member will be able to submit a 300 word bio that will be placed right below the members name! SEO for the page plus social icons at the bottom of the full width page with no sidebar ads! Links to two websites of your choice will be allowed ( as long as they point to your art pages. ) View the Gold Member Template page. The price for the Gold Membership is only $10.00 a year.<br /> <br /> Platinum Level Access will allow the member to up to a 1000 word bio, three video's ( sized to 640 x 360 ) and five images with widths as wide as 900px with image titles and members name at the top of the page.. SEO for the page plus social icons at the bottom of the full width page with no sidebar ads! Links to two websites of your choice will be allowed ( as long as they point to your art pages. ) View the Platinum Member Template page. The price for the Platinum Membership is only $19.95 a year<br /> <br /> <a target="_blank" href=""></a><br /> <br /> If you don't want to join at one of the levels described above but want your name in the Registry simply follow this link and fill out the required form and I will add your name along with the link you provide! Sat, 08 Dec 2012 22:31:57 -0500 Have You Seen This? Several weeks ago, in my daily effort to view all the daily submissions from the many Groups and individuals I watch, I started to notice more and more frequently that some of the Fractals I was viewing were being created using this new program. First it was just a few a day, then suddenly I was seeing dozens of Flames being created with JWildFire! Curios about this newcomer to the Fractal Scene I went to the website and discovered that the software is designed to run using Java and will run on multiple Platforms. <br /> <br /> So, I with to the developers da page and told him that I had created a folder in Xtreme Fractals for the software! <a target="_blank" href=""></a> I also grabbed a snippet of information about the software to put on the left info panel of the folder. Since then the developer, :devthargor6: has joined our Group and he and I have had several discussions about his program! What follows is a result of those discussion. Here's Andreas aka - Thagor6:<br /> <br /> ----------------------------------------------<br /> <br /> JWildfire is an Java-based open source image processing package. Among lots of other things it contains T.I.N.A. - a powerful fractal flame editor which was inspired by flam3 and Apophysis. Intentionally developed as just a plugin for JWildfire T.I.N.A. currently has turned into something like the main feature of JWildfire :-)<br /> <br /> Key features:<br /> - simple and realtime-updated user interface. All "triangle editing", gradient tweaking, camera adjustment, ... takes place in the same window. Changes to any property are displayed immediately in the center preview area. The "triangle editing" takes place directly "on top" of the final fractal.<br /> - fast switching between the currently 130 built-in variations (and it's easy to create your own variations)<br /> - triangles may be edited by just dragging them with the mouse or using precise controls<br /> - different sophisticated random fractal generators which really make fun to play with<br /> - thumbnail "ribbon" which allows it to switch between various fractals (or versions of them) via mouse-click<br /> - high quality rendering (spatial and color oversampling, noise filter)<br /> - compatible with Apophysis as much a possible (can directly read and write *.flame files, uses the same terms)<br /> - copy/paste flames directly from/to clipboard (makes it even easier to import oder export flames from/to Apo)<br /> - includes the popular "3d hack" by Peter Sdobnov (both 3D view and dof)<br /> - includes one more "3d hack" - the shading hack - created only for JWildfire :-)<br /> - contains an integrated simple animation and morphing system<br /> - is integrated into an image processing package which makes postprocessing a natural process and allows more complex animations using parameter envelopes<br /> - batch renderer for always keeping your system busy :-)<br /> - running on all systems with installed Java 6 oder higher<br /> - fresh code base released unter the LPGL<br /> - comfortable and decent UI using the new Nimbus theme of Java<br /> - fast program launch, no ads, no forced registering, no payment for rendering high res images, no bullshit at all, it's fun and free :-)<br /> <br /> And of coz, there is more to come :-) Currently the following features are on schedule:<br /> - performance optimizations<br /> - some kind of HDR rendering<br /> - some experimental shading/render syles<br /> - optional faster C++-based renderer<br /> - more documentation/tutorials<br /> <br /> <br /> Here is what my wife said about the program (not a fake :-)):<br /> <br /> "In the middle of november 2011 my husband asked me (again) to shortly test one of his recent additions of JWildfire. He is always interested in getting feedback from as many persons as possible - even from me being usually not really interested in software development and such things ;-) But this time things where different...<br /> Until this time I never has done anything with fractals - I didn't even know what the term "fractal" exactly means and had never created any fractal image before. But after dragging some of those triangles... they simply got me! I could not stop moving, rotating them again, trying new combinations, ... I was simply fascinated and... somewhat lost.<br /> In the meanwhile I have learned a lot of things about fractal flames and enjoy the fractal community at deviantArt!<br /> And I'm really addicted to always create more fractal flames... ;D<br /> There is only one thing... he still refuses to create an undo function saying this is on later schedule... but I'm REALLY missing an undo function ;-)"<br /> <br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Best regards,<br /> Andreas<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Thanks Andreas for this exclusive look at a product lots of our members will be interested in! So there you have it gang! If you have any questions or comments about the software you can naturally leave a comment here or contact :devthargor6:<br /> <br /> Go download JWildFire and start creating some Fantastic Fractals!<br /> <br /> Enjoy and Have a Happy Holiday!<br /> <br /> Rick<br /> <br /> P.S. I will be showcasing the JWildFire folder on the Group Front Page this week! Take a look!<br /> <br /> P.S.S Okay, here is a teaser from Andreas himself:<br /> <br /> :thumb273824685::thumb272290281::thumb272118335::thumb272837445: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 01:25:39 -0500 Going thru Growing Pains! Seems as though I have a few to many things going at once guys. I have not had the time I would have hoped to dedicate to growing this group the way I had planned! I will try to do more than just post images here in the near future! Thanks for being a member!<br /> <br /> DsyneGrafix Wed, 07 Sep 2011 07:07:36 -0400