ROCKY  THE  JESTER by fokis8


by fokis8 in Jester Dog

8"x10" , Graphite on 2-ply Bristol Vellum

The initial point of this drawing was to explore simple abstract elements incorporated into portraiture. Originally a commissioned piece, but once the drawing began it took on a life of it's own. A jester hat was added to the subject to obtain a playful feeling and to add a contrast against what we normally se in K-9 portraits. The rest of it, once it started, took on a feeling of movement. As I developed the surrounding elements I tried to keep it simple while holding to this feeling. The horizontal "stripes" were added to bring Rocky forward while the clouds in those stripes seemed to present the character into a larger scale. Overall I have many things that I would change and add, but you can't work on these things forever. Hence, 'Rocky the Jester' was born...

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