"Gorilla in a Suit" by fokis8

"Gorilla in a Suit"

by fokis8 in Digital

No ones knows of it's origin. Maybe from a world like this one. Perhaps from a world imagined like Earth, but able to express the deepest concave of spirit.

Trapped in a place by time and $. Forever. A forever that is only relative to it's concept of what we call time. A hard expression that holds kindness showing a mysterious duality in nature. Looking, staring, gazing into existence. This Suit that the Gorilla is draped in represents a contrast in many things. One of them being character. Another being what is considered "Dark" and what is "Light." Sometimes those that are light try to influence what is Dark and in return become influenced itself. Undesirably. A shoulder is never lonely with the presence of those things. The Suit also shows an inability to escape oneself.

Displaced on a burlap sack of what appears to have a $ symbol on it; or is it an infinity symbol? This sack has arms and legs, but is trapped by the Gorilla that is trapped by it. Entangled between time and the Suit.

Many people believe that everything has a purpose. Sometimes you have to figure out how something else's purpose influences you. To become aware of that is the first step.

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