Nebula by fmg


by fmg in Serendipity

Space and Art. :)

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  • DianaSunflower


    I would crop the upper half of this manipulation and make that crop a stand-alone piece. (Digging the top-right-corner-orb.)

    I also like the pink and purple infusion of that bottom-left sword. I think you could do a fantastic galaxy manipulation with those two colours and a lot of flash, and precise lines.

    As far as themes, my experiment with something like this would be to translate it to something to do with alcohol, but I'm just expressing myself here. That orb reminds me of beer coasters. (haha).

    Sorry if commenting too much, overall this is nice.


    Jun 27th, 2013 Reply ♥ Love Never Fails ♥
  • Grapeka



    Jun 14th, 2013 Reply