Through the Psionic Storm- Panel 3 by finnianm

Through the Psionic Storm- Panel 3

by finnianm in 3D Work (Vue, C4D, Zbrush)

The Luminarium, Sequential
Through the Psionic Storm

This is by far the largest project I have ever worked on. Four panels, an insane amount of time, and some great critique brought this story to life. PLEASE go view these images along WITH THE PANEL FRAME here- to get the FULL EXPERIENCE!

I was also the featured artist, so go check the interview!~

Also, go check out Luminarium Sequential!

DOWNLOAD FOR A 2560x1400 RES! Then size down to your desktop version c:

***A little note about this one, it was not originally meant to be included with the others because it is the weakest, but the Lum guys made me haha... so if it doesnt fit in, thats why :P


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