The Singularity by finnianm

The Singularity

by finnianm in 2D Work

The Singularity
A submission/promotional piece for TRANS.

TRANS is currently a private art community dedicated to anti-misuse of art. We are strongly against economical schemes and the current situation of how money negatively influences art. By creating an Art Movement that does not directly relate to truth–but does not suggest roundabouts either way–, we are establishing a place where liberty is kept at and with utmost importance.

This piece will be one of many that I do for TRANS. I have a need to refine my concept skills and the group is helping me do that! I'm sorry if you don't like it, although it was definitely a joy to make. I haven't really done anything like this before.

Stocks from cgtextures, and a shape from

I have 9 pieces in the works! Most of them are completed, but they definitely are the best I've ever made! So keep your eyes out for artgroup releases ;)

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