The Gods Must Be Crazy by fantasio

The Gods Must Be Crazy

by fantasio in Transgenetic

This is a tribute / collaboration to one of my favorite artists, if you havn´t recognized the creature by now, its a recent work from ->

I have to say I´m a fan of his great creature -designs for a good decade now! On facebook he posted some WIP pictures directly from within zbrush the other day, which presented the rough base for my creation, which I´d like to share with permission from Pascal.

With the coloring I went for another tribute to a master of 3d illustration, named Steven Stahlberg.

The inspiration for the idea was the eighties movie "the gods must be crazy" where a traveling Bushman encounters modern civilization and its stranger aspects. I liked the idea of having a Shaman or Oracle worshiping modern products as something magic, which is similar to how children perceive our technological environments.

This should also make us think about how dull we are to our everyday technology and appreciate our achievements a little more.

Or to say it with the words of the blue-red spider: "with great powers comes great responsibility."

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