Tenome - Fantasio Halloween Card by fantasio

Tenome - Fantasio Halloween Card

by fantasio in Transgenetic

Had to find something for Halloween this year to throw in the mix of nice, eerie costume inspirations:)
Well since "Pan´s LAbyrinth" I always thought of something to do like the Cronus-character without eyes, he´s called `Tenome´ (http://ow.ly/eMzbn) which comes from 手の目, eyes of hand (or rather eyes on hand) is a Japanese mythical creature illustrated in the first Toriyama Sekien's book.
However, I favor female characters and when I stumbled about the wonderful stock- gallery of http://lialiad-stock.deviantart.com I found that the work was perfect to bring this idea to life.

Hope you like and have a scary Halloween´s eve:)

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