Heavy metal thunder / eBook cover by fantasio

Heavy metal thunder / eBook cover

by fantasio in Book cover art

Another book cover I painted for the author Kyle Stiff, whose Sci-Fi novel is somewhat different than the usual book, it is kind of a "choose your own adventure"-styled book. Had a lot fun painting this, as it was a welcome change and challenge.

Visit the Amazon page for more info: http://www.amazon.com/Heavy-Metal-Thunder-ebook/dp/B005HFHLFU

Btw. there are lots of details and stuff, due to this I made a progress "walkthrough" from sketch to final painting - available for free on my blog here: http://fantasiox.blogspot.com/2012/03/heavy-metal-thunder-book-cover-painting.html Please check it out for Sci-Fi character rendering galore!

No references harmed in this painting!
This painting was done using Photoshop CS5 and an intuos 4 tablet, took effectively 25 hours to complete -chunked down into several weeks.

C&C´s welcome!

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