Frozen teardrops by fantasio

Frozen teardrops

by fantasio in Sculptures and derivatives

Velvet dreams and plutonium tears...

sculpture and digital postwork.
This started as a sculpture head that should fit onto a plaster -body, hold by hands coming out of a bust.
after years of *don´tknowwhattodowhithishead* i decided to rework the complete interieur of a "pearl" guitar amp ( i was been told its rare to find such an exteme wonderful exemplary now)
to finally fit the head into it.
If one would put the two cables of her eye again back on a speaker, its still possible to make music with this amp, but is there someone who wants to do this?

Ok, what i´ve done digitally to it, is just opning the eye, the whole creation can be better seen here: [] or here: [] also the proof, that its entirely my creation: []

now available as a big print!

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