Broken and fixed 2009  tribute by fantasio

Broken and fixed 2009 tribute

by fantasio in Transgenetic

This one is my tribute to a photographer Horst P. Horst, who has made this origin a popular fashion photograph.
Read my current blog post for more infos about it:

This one would fit in there as a digital collage, the reference was a Poser -model and the corsage (done by tolllkirsche []) is photographed and painted together digitally, then printed out and cut into pieces, which then where again put together as collage and hands on traditional for the finish and painting.

Finally the shelf and the band where added to the Canvas which was than was photographed and worked over in Photoshop to be reduced into duotone to get closer to the one its inspired from.

Print available here:
Original for sale, only email inquiries.

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