Andromeda C9 by fantasio

A quick ´n dirty piece that started from a doodle inspired by cat-meff´s style

I really like to re-do different art-styles, to learn something myself, but even more to use them as examples or tutorial pieces in my art classes to see if it can be done within the given timeframe.
This one´s for my students in masterclass to get into divergent thinking and photo-bashing, combining digital painting techniques with existing image material.

Actually I thought it would be rather tough to put this together, but I found it surprisingly easy to achieve that look.
2 hours, Photoshop, Wacom Cintiq & Intuos.

since there is some interest I have release the PSD file as well here:

Stocks used:
2 or 3 motorcycles from:
MsLissome -
and one engine from:
Jedediah -

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