plotting revenge V3 by evolver

plotting revenge V3

by evolver in artificial inteligence

She remembered the look in the young mans eyes while aboard the airship. A look of loss and regret that she fully understood but was not sure why exactly. She heard him murmur something about a her eyes and being "too real". Then she recalled the sound of the compartment door being unlatched. As the wind from outside bombarded her senses the man slid a pair of antique goggles over her eyes. The sight of them sent an alarming feeling that she could not identify. "Goodbye" was all she heard the man say before she felt herself plummeting into an unknown world. "Is this like birth" she calmly wondered before everything turned to nothing. She awoke in a wasteland of familiar parts surrounding her. Parts that she knew only too well. She picked up one of the pieces and held it to her face. She stared into its empty sockets and recognized the face immediately. The face was her own. As she stared into the empty vessel she thought of only one word. Revenge.......

just a taste of a story my girl and I are working on, I'll probably rewrite it many times, hope you find it somewhat interesting. Please dont mind my poor writing skills.

I added a ton more details that I feel are a major improvement, hope you all agree. This is by far one of the funnest pieces of have had the pleasure of creating.

model: nastiaosipovastock
bg: lady-symphonia-stock
random parts: selficide-stock
more parts: mysticmorning
goggles: m3-productions ://
gears: jensstockcollection
dirigible: momerath-stock

the rest was all painted by me

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