beautiful carnivore (lepidoptera vorare) by evolver

beautiful carnivore (lepidoptera vorare)

by evolver in Manips

The butterfly eater

The Lepidotera vorare is a most unusual species of carnivorous plant which can be found in heavily wooded areas. They flourish mostly in a moist and swampy environment. They are said to grow anywhere from 18" or 45.72cm to 9' or 3m tall (above ground) and have an complex and lethal root system stretching to a massive 264 ft or 80.467m. They are best known for their beautiful human-like features. Butterfly-eaters have been known to mimic the sounds of surrounding wildlife very well including short human phrases. They give off a very pleasant odor resembling the combination of honey, ginger, and mint. the plants feed on a vast variety of prey consisting of anything between insect and small rodents to deer and the occasional unfortunate person (although very few incidents have been reported). However, Experts say they are most found of the common butterfly, hence the nickname butterfly eater. Be wary of any marsh or swamp that smell of a strong tea and/or have a unusually large abundance of butterflies!

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