The Tale of the East by evanrp

The Tale of the East

by evanrp in Storybook

The Tale of the East

Once upon a time in the middle of China Mountain
there lived a rainbow babies dragon. They were abandoned by their parents for a reason...

day by day and night by night they live in sadness. But one day there was a boy with their loyal dragon come to that mountain to cheer them.

He told a story about their ancestor and their parents.

The rainbow babies dragon become happy and started to smile after a long sadness...

Today...if we see a colorful light in the east before sunset that
must be a light smile from those dragons.
That is the tale of the east.
The End

P.S: when sunset is come..try to look to the east and you'll "see" it! :)

Happy Chinese New Year! Hope this dragon year become a strong and wonderful year!

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