CEO • http://www.elevendy.com

Roseville, United States

Hi, I'm Dave Cox. Co-Founder and CEO of Elevendy Inc. which is a creative production agency located in Northern California, working nationwide and internationally with clients you've likely heard of as well as a few you probably haven't.

You're about to be treated to some visual awesomesauce, hope they inspire you to create.

A bit about my history:
My focus has always been on people, the ones I work with, the ones I lead, the ones who lead me, and most importantly... my clients. My passion is building friendships with clients and driving design work that blows their minds executionally. At Elevendy we're building a team that settles for nothing less than the absolute best. If you've been a purchaser of creative services, you know that is a unique attitude for an individual, let alone an entire company.