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Cracow, Poland

Website: http://dreamworld233.wix.com/dreamworlddesign#!home/mainPage
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dream-World-Design/257465801032335
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DreamW_Design

Commission Status: OPEN
-Photo Retouching
-Photomanipulation (all types: dark, emotional, fantasy, surreal, landscapes & scenery, eye photomanip etc.)
-Artwork for book covers etc.
-Simple layout, without any code or stylesheet (header + bg or only header for layouts)
-Buttons for sites (100 x 35 or if you want in other size)

If you have other proposal for me - fell free to ask!

Prices and delivery time depend on the difficulty.

Payment Options
PayPal: I would prefer this option of payment.

If you can't use PayPal, please contact me, perhaps we will find some solution.

If you are interested, send email to:
or send a note on deviantART.