scrabble by dittto


by dittto in water

a revisit to hard scrabble falls proved that this will be a new getaway place for me as its not a well known fall, so solitude is almost a given and even if not, few make the difficult climb to the upper tiers shown here :)

though it looks harmless, this visit proved the power the water holds, though not shown in this shot, the lower left rock here....which measures roughly 3' wide and tall had completely washed away over the bottom tier, a reminder to be careful when exploring close to waterfalls!

hard scrabble falls near Acme, WA

© 2013 addam soule
my photos are not stock..please do not use my art in any way without my permission..thank you :]

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  • Bojan1558



    Jun 10th Reply
  • arabrab


    Would've know why it is a getaway place for you! Such a beautiful place! The ruggedness of the area seems very appealing to those who seek adventure! Much agree that the relationship of water and rocks really is well shown on this capture! Could even imaging the smell of this place through its colors on the shot... As always, great work Addam!

    Jun 8th Reply
    • dittto


      hehe..really was like an adventurers playgronud areas like this where i can connect with nature in solitude really helps me deal with the crazy weekdays at work..hope some of that is passed on through the images as well :) thank you so much, very grateful!

      Jun 10th Reply
    • arabrab


      well you are successful in passing it on Addam... most welcome!

      Jun 13th Reply
  • hussam


    a little overexposed in the upper part but I like it so much. so nice work

    Jun 1st Reply e-Retina
    • dittto


      much appreciated, bud..will take a second look at the upper portion :)

      Jun 3rd Reply
  • essencestudios



    Your art is very inspirational to all of us artists and at Shadowness we like to thank our amazing artists for all they do, to show our appreciation for you, your artwork has been featured in todays Daily Inspiration #815

    May 31st Reply Crazy Cat Lady
  • LAlight


    so glad you find these hidden places to get away from it all! really great comp in this one, along with some very pleasing atmosphere and color..would love to be away from it all here right now! beautiful work Addam!

    May 31st Reply
  • Lucifer


    stunning and beautiful!

    May 31st Reply who wants a hug?
  • SapirFairy


    Amazing work Addam, lovely colors and great sharpness!

    May 31st Reply
  • barfischer


    this tranquil place doesn't give away the secret of the long and difficult climb.... (which was most worth !) so paradise like as it is...... oh i love your capture, Addam.... the angle you decided to do.... these massive bonds of rocks showing natures layers.....enfolded by soft and fresh greens.... and the fall... what a strong companionship.. this closeness...a tender relationship between rock and water..... you gave this fall a very personal note.... absolutely fantastic work my dear.....

    May 31st Reply
    • dittto


      so very grateful for your most generous words and attention, dear..thank you so very much!

      May 31st Reply
    • barfischer


      am still captured by this work, Addam.....
      with all my pleasure, and you are more than welcome....

      Jun 1st Reply
  • JurgenDoe


    stunning and beautiful

    May 31st Reply Shadowness Staff
  • Olaf68


    beautiful shot

    May 31st Reply